cordova-plugin-googlemaps 1389

by wf9a5m75

Google Universal Analytics Plugin 640

by danwilson

AdMob Plugin Pro 596

by floatinghotpot

Google SignIn 394

by EddyVerbruggen

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 259

by floatinghotpot

Cordova AdMob Plugin 230

by ratson

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 155

by sunnycupertino

AdMob Google Ads + Tappx 95

by appfeel

GoogleAnalytics 88

by cmackay

Cordova Health 81

by dariosalvi78

AdmobPlugin 56

by gooogleadmob

Google Play Services for Android 45

by MobileChromeApps

GooglePlayGame 36

by ptgamr

Google Location Services for Cordova - Android 35

by louisbl

Cordova Game plugin 23

by cranberrygame

Admob Plugin 21

by admob-google

GoogleAppTracking 20

by insiderpages

Tag Manager 20

by kraihn

Glass 19

by aphex

GoogleFit 18

by 2dvisio

AndroidEmail 15

by ccsoft

AdmobPlugin 10

by admobplugin

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 9

by cordovaplugz

GlassCore 9

by aphex

Firebase Invites 8

by EddyVerbruggen

Glassgesture 8

by aphex

Google Plus Integration in Cordova Applications 7

by cabotdeveloper

GoogleMaps 6

by pebois

Google Play Token Javascript API 6

by agamemnus

Chrome Apps Google Cloud Messaging API 5

by MobileChromeApps

CordovaGoogleAdWords 4

by Postmedia-Digital

GlassTouch 3

by aphex

Admob for Google Play Services for Android 3

by abdulmueid

AdmobPlugin 2

by googleadmob

GoogleAnalyticsTracker 2

by kmcarter

Add Google Account 1

by blaketarter

Google plus integration 1

by cabotdeveloper

Google Admob for PhoneGap 1

by kmcarter

AdMob Plugin Pro 1

by floatinghotpot

Google Play Services for Android 1

by appfeel

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 1

by sunnycupertino

Google Login 1

by aquto

GooglePlay 1

by cranberrygame

Google Analytics Plugin 1

by wnyc

Pollfish Javascript API 1

by agamemnus

OpenStoreUpdate 0

by Paldom

Auth0 0

by auth0

Google Maps for Business - Android 0

by properjon

iOS Google AdMob Ads library 0

by appfeel

Google Play Query Javascript API 0

by agamemnus

GoogleAnalytics 0

by asiFarran

AdMob 0

by jacobp100

Google plus integration 0

by cabotdeveloper

Google Analytics 0

by mcfarljw

GPlus 0

by DrMoriarty

Direction Intent Plugin 0

by MikeyAlder

AdMob 0

by reinaldofs