cordova-plugin-googlemaps 1475

by wf9a5m75

Google Universal Analytics Plugin 659

by danwilson

AdMob Plugin Pro 627

by floatinghotpot

Google SignIn 446

by EddyVerbruggen

Cordova AdMob Plugin 328

by ratson

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 257

by floatinghotpot

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 160

by sunnycupertino

AdMob Google Ads + Tappx 106

by appfeel

Cordova Health 99

by dariosalvi78

GoogleAnalytics 90

by cmackay

AdmobPlugin 56

by gooogleadmob

Google Play Services for Android 47

by MobileChromeApps

Google Location Services for Cordova - Android 39

by louisbl

GooglePlayGame 37

by ptgamr

Cordova Game plugin 25

by cranberrygame

Tag Manager 23

by kraihn

Admob Plugin 22

by admob-google

Glass 21

by aphex

GoogleAppTracking 19

by insiderpages

GoogleFit 19

by 2dvisio

AndroidEmail 15

by ccsoft

AdmobPlugin 10

by admobplugin

Glassgesture 9

by aphex

GlassCore 9

by aphex

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 9

by cordovaplugz

Firebase Invites 8

by EddyVerbruggen

Google Plus Integration in Cordova Applications 7

by cabotdeveloper

GoogleMaps 6

by pebois

Google Play Token Javascript API 6

by agamemnus

Chrome Apps Google Cloud Messaging API 5

by MobileChromeApps

CordovaGoogleAdWords 4

by Postmedia-Digital

Admob for Google Play Services for Android 3

by abdulmueid

GlassTouch 3

by aphex

AdmobPlugin 2

by googleadmob

GoogleAnalyticsTracker 2

by kmcarter

Google Play Services for Android 1

by appfeel

Google plus integration 1

by cabotdeveloper

GooglePlay 1

by cranberrygame

AdMob Plugin Pro 1

by floatinghotpot

Google Login 1

by aquto

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 1

by sunnycupertino

Google Admob for PhoneGap 1

by kmcarter

Add Google Account 1

by blaketarter

Google Analytics Plugin 1

by wnyc

Pollfish Javascript API 1

by agamemnus

OpenStoreUpdate 0

by Paldom

Auth0 0

by auth0

Google Maps for Business - Android 0

by properjon

iOS Google AdMob Ads library 0

by appfeel

Google Play Query Javascript API 0

by agamemnus

GoogleAnalytics 0

by asiFarran

AdMob 0

by jacobp100

Google plus integration 0

by cabotdeveloper

Google Analytics 0

by mcfarljw

GPlus 0

by DrMoriarty

Direction Intent Plugin 0

by MikeyAlder

AdMob 0

by reinaldofs