Purchase 760

by j3k0

Purchase 760

by j3k0

iosrtc 430

by eface2face

DatePicker 290

by VitaliiBlagodir

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 257

by floatinghotpot

StreamingMedia 233

by nchutchind

AppAvailability 186

by ohh2ahh

Cordova-Phonegap AdMob Plugin 161

by sunnycupertino

cordova-fabric-plugin 152

by sarriaroman

Cordova AdMob Plugin 134

by ratson

UniqueDeviceID 128

by Paldom

OneSignal Push Notifications 106

by one-signal

KeyChain Plugin for Cordova iOS 80

by shazron

Cache 68

by moderna

Mixpanel 66

by samzilverberg

App Transport Security 65

by leecrossley

iOS LongPress Fix 61

by EddyVerbruggen

SpinnerDialog 58

by Paldom

TapToScroll 54

by j-mcnally

Cordova Kiosk Mode 52

by honza889

WebP 41

by dpogue

Video Thumbnail 34

by photokandyStudios

Cordova CocoaPods Dependency Support 34

by blakgeek

Html2pdf 33

by moderna

PinDialog 31

by Paldom

ListPicker 31

by roberthovhannisyan

Datepicker 27

by sectore

Moodstocks SDK 22

by Moodstocks

Force Touch 22

by xonoxitron

HiddenStatusbarOverlay 22

by katzer

Touch ID Plugin 18

by monaca-plugins

Hot Pushes 17

by mathieudutour

Native Controls 17

by photokandyStudios

iOSAudioPicker 16

by an-rahulpandey

VolumeSlider 15

by devgeeks

Launch Review 14

by dpa99c

iOS Disable Shake to Edit 14

by nleclerc

iOS Keyboard Plugin 11

by mhweiner

cordova-plugin-livereload 11

by omefire

Speech Recognition feat. Siri 11

by bluedesign

VideoThumbnail 11

by ednasgoldfishuk

iCloudKV 10

by pierrickrouxel

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 9

by cordovaplugz

Thumbnail 9

by liujinxing

Microphone 8

by voicekick

RadaeePDF-Cordova 8

by gearit

CDVPluginSmartBeacon 8

by rodrigue-h

Waze Navigator 7

by adaltojunior86

Volume 7

by g-w

Directory List 7

by 007-surajit

UI Resize on Keyboard 7

by tjwoon

Logit.io Plugin 6

by logit-io

cordova-plugin-deviceaudioservice 5

by conzentrate

Pebble 4

by tgardner

Pick Contact Details 4

by kolwit

Tab Bar Plugin for Cordova iOS 4

by tblomseth

Tab Bar Plugin for Cordova iOS 4

by tblomseth

AudioEncode 4

by Tushar-Kanvinde

ContactNumberPicker 4

by Paldom

Cordova IDFA 3

by burakson

iOS Tracker 3

by LeeFischman

Taptic Engine (Apple iOS) 3

by xonoxitron

CordovaStatusBarPlugin 3

by vkaravir

ParsePush 3

by nickbarth

Print online/offline with Third party apps 3

by pankajnirwan103

ContextMenu 3

by chrinor2002

Printer 3

by envisiondata

WaitingDialog 3

by bormansquirrel

PhoneCheck 3

by ckylape

ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption false 3

by pbakondy

iOS Tracker 3

by cck9672

CDVTabBar 3

by Emadello

AudioStreamer 2

by anondesigns

Disable Data Detectors 2

by nleclerc

NativeNav 2

by tqc

Over App Browser 2

by etabard

CDVNavBar 2

by Emadello

Baker 2

by etabard

ios7scrollfix 1

by bwin

Map Launcher 1

by kizetsu

Dynamic Select 1

by mzbyszynski

Picker 1

by mzbyszynski

AudioStream 1

by kiStephane

Unzip 1

by SopJS

Wireless Network Information 1

by gordol

SaveImage 1

by RonaldPK

NSLogger 1

by pfafman

iOS Min Version 1

by EddyVerbruggen

Network Activity Plugin for Cordova iOS 1

by steve228uk

Cordova AdMob Plugin for Android and iOS 1

by sunnycupertino

AudioEncode 1

by nickbarth

Sleep Control 0

by nleclerc

notificationEX 0

by smithimage

PayPal SDK for iOS 0

by c0rrupt

Segue 0

by cheunghy

GeoLocation Service 0

by justbaum30

GeoLocation Service 0

by justbaum30

PinDialog 0

by michael79bxl

Printer 0

by pankajnirwan103

NotificationEx 0

by dianaliu

Unique ID Plugin for Cordova iOS apps 0

by xmarston

Canvas 0

by SopJS

Scringo Plugin for Cordova iOS 0

by Scringo

Microphone Levels 0

by ox-it

WebView Reloader 0

by AleksMeshkov

iOS Background Location 0

by edina

Chrome Apps iOS Sockets Common 0

by MobileChromeApps

DeviceIdentifier 0

by tamirtw

Barcode Scanner 0

by n0pre55ure

CDVIdleTimer 0

by mindstorm

Camera Extra 0

by jviotti

iOSBase64 0

by sarahgoldman

iOS Google AdMob Ads library 0

by appfeel

Action Sheet Picker Plugin for Cordova iOS 0

by tblomseth

OpenStoreUpdate 0

by Paldom

Cordova GetJSON 0

by FranciscoG

netstats 0

by stormbkk87

PhotogalleryPlugin 0

by fesor

Datepicker 0

by croshim

Datepicker 0

by cormus